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Modem Components

Async Professional provides a modem database and several components for configuring, dialing, and answering modems and managing phone books. These components are ideal for controlling modems since they include a modem database and all of the features a modem-based program might need. Your users simply select their modem (or the closest match) from the database and your application loads the associated configuration strings for that modem from the database.

The modem components provide routines for retrieving modem information from the libmodem database, manipulating a modem by sending commands through TApdComPort components, and processing response data, a dialing engine for making repeated dial attempts, and a few user-interface components for maintaining phonebooks and dialing the modem..

For projects ported from previous versions of Async Professional, the TAdModem, TApdSModem and supporting components are still available as deprecated components.


Contains a component (TAdModem) that provides a simple interface for accessing the most commonly used modem operations. It combines the features of most of the other modem components into one component.


Contains TApdLibModem, a VCL component that provides an interface to the libmodem modem database.


Contains a modem status dialog for use with the TAdModem component.

modemcap and libmodem

The TAdModem component uses a Windows version of libmodem to obtain modem configuration information from the modemcap database. Modemcap is a set of XML documents that defines configuration, response and identification information for a wide range of modems. The following section describes the TApdLibModem class that retrieves information from the modemcap database.

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