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Data Packet Component

The purpose of the data packet component is to provide a simple solution to the common task of looking for a particular sequence of bytes in the incoming data. Data packet components collect data that has certain properties and pass that data as a complete unit to the client application.

The TApdDataPacket component provides automatic data packet delivery from the incoming data stream based on simple properties set in the component.

A data packet can be thought of as an advanced data trigger. Packets automatically collect data from the incoming data stream based on criteria specified in the properties of the data packet component, and deliver the data when the criteria have been met. As opposed to traditional data triggers, data packets do their own buffering. This means that data packets do not have the same limitation as data triggers (that data may no longer be available in the input buffer for processing when the data trigger fires).

You would typically use data packets in place of data triggers when the data you are looking for has a fixed length or starts or ends with a known string of data. These conditions can be set in the data packet component at design time or run time.

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