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Com Port Component

The Async Professional port component builds the foundation for all communications applications. The simplest application might contain a single TApdComPort; a more complex application might contain one or more port components and many other components that rely on the services of a TApdComPort (terminal windows, modems, and so on).

The TApdComPort component, which contains properties and methods for the following:

  • Configuring the serial port hardware and Windows communications driver (buffer sizes, line parameters, flow control).

  • Providing information about the state of the serial port (modem signals, line errors).

  • Transmitting and receiving data.

  • Interfacing with the TApdDataPacket component to identify and handle received data.

  • Assigning VCL events to handle received data, matched strings, status changes, and timers.

In addition to its support for standard serial ports, the TApdComPort includes specialized support for the RS-485 communication standard.

If you need to support network or Internet communications using Winsock, you should consider using the TApdWinsockPort instead of the TApdComPort. Since the TApdWinsockPort is a descendant of the TApdComPort, it retains all capabilities of the TApdComPort, and adds support for Winsock.

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