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FTP Client Component

The TApdFtpClient component is a specialized TApdWinsockPort that implements client-side file transfer protocol (FTP) capabilities as defined by RFC 959. TApdFtpClient presents an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and manipulate directories and files on an FTP server.

Connecting and logging on to an FTP server is performed by the Login method. Logging off and disconnecting is performed by Logout. Directory manipulation is performed by the ChangeDir, Delete, ListDir, MakeDir, and Rename methods. File transfer and manipulation is performed by the Delete, Rename, Retrieve, and Store methods. Server status and help information are performed by the Help, and Status methods, and an arbitrary FTP command string can be sent to the connected FTP server via SendFtpCommand.

Only one FTP operation is allowed at any given time, however these methods operate in an asynchronous (i.e., non-blocking) fashion. This means that when a method is called to initiate an FTP operation, it returns immediately and the operation is performed in the background. When the operation is completed, the OnFtpStatus event is fired to notify the application. During file transfer operations, the OnFtpStatus event is fired periodically to provide status updates.

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